State of Missouri to Change Helmet Law

Change Helmet Law

Many people who think about motorcycle safety would assume that wearing a helmet is the safest thing you can do to protect yourself, especially in an accident.

New Order Against Enforcing Louisiana Abortion Law

Enforcing Louisiana Abortion Law

Abortion has long been a touchy topic, and nowhere is it more touchy than in the south. That includes, of course, Louisiana, so it’s no surprise that a recent order related to abortion is causing a big stir down there.

The Economic Problem with Luxembourg's Space Mining Laws

Luxembourg's Space Mining Laws

Have you ever wondered how people began claiming land? I often wonder about this in our country. It seems that land is usually claimed by a strong force, something that can’t be beaten.

Religious Objection Laws Cost Indiana Millions in Revenue

Religious Objection Laws

Back in March of 2015, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana officially signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,

Ted Cruz's Ineligibility for Presidency

The Title Loan Cycle Of Debt

Republican candidate Ted Cruz has been questioned in the media since he first came out as a nominee for President of the United States. Why exactly?

Supreme Court Strikes Down Death Penalty Law in Florida

The Title Loan Cycle Of Debt

The Supreme Court gets the final say when it comes to the laws in each state regarding the death penalty.

Millions In Campaign Contributions Enable The Title Loan Cycle Of Debt

The Title Loan Cycle Of Debt

It’s no secret that quick cash “too good to be true” loans perpetuate a vicious cycle of debt and poverty, particularly among the most financially vulnerable citizens...

China’s New Population Law

China’s New Population Law

For the past 37 years China has had strict rules enforced throughout their entire country.

China: New Anti-Terror Law Won't Hurt Tech Firms

China Tech

The Chinese Foreign Ministry took special care to reassure U.S. tech firms that their new anti-terrorism measures will in no way affect or limit their business in and with China in a recent statement.

Banning Assault Weapons

Affordable Care Act

Due to the recent shooting in San Bernardino, a measure to ban assault weapons quickly appeared. It is not the first time that this occurs, but previous attempts to achieve this failed before..