The Supreme Court declined to review the Assault Weapon ban.

Assault Weapon

Due to the recent shooting in San Bernardino, a measure to ban assault weapons quickly appeared. It is not the first time that this occurs, but previous attempts to achieve this failed before. An assault weapon is generally a modified version of a military weapon that can fire large amounts of bullets in a short time. They are really powerful, and a true danger if held by a terrorist.

President Obama stated in a speech that it is necessary to ban certain types of weapon to reduce these mass shootings from occurring. That would greatly reduce the danger of mass shootings, at least taking away a very powerful source from terrorists. If it wasn’t for assault weapons, probably most of the mass shootings wouldn’t have been so tragic.

Nevertheless, non-assault weapons are also a threat. Banning assault weapons does not mean the ultimate solution to mass shootings is here, but at least lowers the danger in general. Other types of weapons (generally smaller, like handguns) can also shoot dozens of rounds per minute. Magazine sizes are also a great issue because some really small guns can carry a lot of bullets and fire them really quickly, almost equaling the same threat as an assault weapon. The big difference is that assault weapons look scary and big, that is why they are targeted first.

It’s not the assault guns the ones used in most mass shootings. In fact, looking back at all the shootings, the weapon of choice was handgun in most cases, because they are very easy to hide.

The ban should not only be on assault weapons. All sorts of weapons mean a great danger in the hands of a terrorist, regardless of their size.

The Supreme Court denied the review on which states can prohibit assault weapons that were used in the recent San Bernardino shooting. This decision is a huge step back for getting to a stricter gun control. Over the past decades, many attempts to install a measure that would lower greatly the gun traffic failed. Their excuse for not doing so is that many people own guns because it’s their right to do so. That can’t be denied, because it is. But there are many ways to control gun purchase, in order to greatly lower the amount of shootings in the near future.

Despite the general state of fear and terror, gun sales go higher every week. In the past few weeks, especially in November, millions of guns have been sold all over the country: Some of them, assault-guns with high magazine capacities. It is estimated that five million citizens of the United States own an assault-gun, whether for self-defense at their own homes or target shooting.

A ban on assault weapons would lower the state of fear and create more calm in the citizens. It would be a great step towards safer and stricter gun control, to ensure the safety of everyone. With so many terrorist attacks happening, this measure is completely necessary at the moment.